College Application Spreadsheet from Summer

Advanced Placement - School

Summer felt unprepared for the rigors of the college application process. In a blog for Ready WA, she writes, “I had no idea how time-consuming college applications are. Senior year is busy with wrapping up...


College with Kara: Navigating the Application Jungle

Blond - Portrait

Karalynn is a senior at Woodland High School who wants to support other students through the many steps of college applications. Navigating the process of researching and applying to colleges can be very overwhelming, so she created...


Arianna’s Story: How college support programs can make a difference

Dress Shirt - Sleeve

  Arianna is a first-generation freshman at Western Washington University. She is from Richland and aspires to become a high school history teacher – inspired by her own teachers. In her new podcast, she explores...


A day in my life: Running Start

The Great Wave off Kanagawa - Poster

Aleena is a senior at Rochester High School and an aspiring doctor. She is earning college credit through Running Start and shares lots of insights about this experience in her new video. See a day...


Poster: Create Your Future

Poster - Future

While the last few years have been challenging for our communities, the future in our state is bright. Employers in Washington state are expected to create an estimated 373,000 jobs in the coming five years,...


2018-19 School Poster: Discover Your Path with Science and Math

Poster - Graphic design

Washington will have more than 700,000 job openings by 2021. Of these jobs, more than 400,000 will be in STEM fields or will require STEM literacy. To light up students' thinking about what they can...

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