Planning your path through high school and to the career path of your choice is exciting! There are a lot of options out there, and it’s fun to learn and discover more about the things that inspire you. The road may seem long, but don’t worry—on this page, find advice from high school graduates and information to explore your future options.


Student Voices: Videos

Check out this collection of local student videos and other stories about how students like you are getting ready for education and training after high school.

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A day in my life: Running Start

Aleena is a senior at Rochester High School and an aspiring doctor....

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Student Videos: Celebrating students at Madrona Elementary

Students work hard every day to learn new skills. To celebrate the...

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Plan Your Path

Our informative fact sheets and videos will help you make the most out of your education. You can use them on your own, or to help guide conversations with your family, teachers, and counselors.

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College Application Spreadsheet from Summer

Summer felt unprepared for the rigors of the college application process. In...

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College with Kara: Navigating the Application Jungle

Karalynn is a senior at Woodland High School who wants to support...

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