We all want our children to succeed––and we understand the importance of supporting and guiding them as they prepare for successful lives after high school on the education and career pathway of their choice. These resources will give parents a better understanding of what their kids are learning and how to connect classwork to education and career aspirations, as well as ways to get more involved.

Fact Sheets for Families

These easy-to-use fact sheets and flyers keep families informed about the value of rigorous learning standards and assessments, as well as resources to help students plan their path, education to career.

Our fact sheets are primarily designed for families with middle or high school students, but we welcome families with younger students to learn more too!

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Help Your Child Plan Their Path

Families have so many things to consider when it comes to education....

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By Parents For Parents

​A new tool from Ready Washington is designed by parents, for parents,...

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Translated Resources

We celebrate diversity and seek to provide all families with access to information about their students’ education. We partner with families to create fact sheets and videos in multiple languages. Contact us about other translations.

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Recently Added Resources

Basics About State Learning Standards and Assessments

This fact sheet — available in 16 languages — provides key information about Washington K-12 Learning...

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Las Voces De Los Padres: Apoyando a Nuestros Estudiantes

Los padres tienen altas expectativas para que sus hijos puedan estar preparados...

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Videos for Families

Check out this collection of videos that feature parent voices and other stories about how you can help support your student to get ready for education and training after high school.

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With more than 700,000 job openings coming to Washington state by 2021,...

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Parent Voices: “Education Opens Doors”

Why do education and high expectations matter to Washington parents? “Freedom of...

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