Student Voice: ‘It’s your choice what career you want, not anyone else’s choice.’

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Brianna S. is a sophomore at Garfield High School in Seattle. What are your education and career goals? I have always been very focused on what I wanted to do. The career path I want to...


Classroom Snapshot: From Agriculture to Welding, CTE Opportunities Abound in Pasco

Building robot cars, laying out the yearbook, growing coleus, designing clothes, and welding. These are just a few of the class activities that students in Pasco High School’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) program engaged...


Classroom Snapshot: Hidden River Middle School Shifts Culture to Improve Every Student’s Success

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When Brett Wille began as the principal at Hidden River Middle School in Monroe five years ago, he and his staff set out to create a culture shift. He saw an opportunity to improve the...


Robert Hand: Preparing Every Student

Robert Hand - Student

When Robert Hand, a family and consumer sciences teacher at Mount Vernon High School, heard that he was named the 2019 Washington State Teacher of the Year, his first reaction was shock. But he quickly...


High School and Beyond Plan: 101

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Who am I? What can I become? How will I become that? These are questions many of us ask throughout our lives — starting at an early age and, often, continuing through adulthood. Here at Ready Washington,...


Classroom Snapshot: “What is your *WHY* statement?”

Bellingham High School - Institution

Getting the correct answer is not the main goal in James Yoos’ Quantitative Chemistry class at Bellingham High School. On a recent Tuesday morning, as students learned about trends of the periodic table of elements,...