Options HS seniors reflect about their college + career plans

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Teaching, dental hygiene, HVAC, and psychology are just a sampling of the future career aspirations of recently graduated seniors in Joe Wooding’s AVID class at Options High School in Bellingham. Graduates will move on to...


Quilcene: Expanding opportunities in a rural district

Graduation ceremony - Brunswick County Schools

Quilcene: Expanding opportunities in a rural district Relationships. Strategic use of resources. An activity or class to match every student’s interests. These are a few of the principles that guide the decisions of Quilcene School...


Ways to strengthen the HSBP experience

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Students of Washington, I’m sure you’ve been asked the question, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” “10 years?” Or even “15 years?” If students are anything like me, they may have no clue...


Surviving college applications: What I wish I knew

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By Summer Pease   Imagine working hard for twelve years, and then it all comes down to one application. No one warns you how hard it is to condense your entire academic and extracurricular life...


A conversation with students at Options HS in Bellingham

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Fog, snow, rain, and partial sunshine all made an appearance in Joe Wooding’s AVID classroom at Options High School in Bellingham on a recent December afternoon. Students used weather patterns to describe their mental state...


Running Start vs. Advanced Placement (AP): Making the Right Decision for You

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By Summer Pease Making the decision between Running Start or taking AP classes is definitely a big one. There are a lot of things to consider, not only academics but how it will affect you...