To those rejected: A college pep talk for me as much as you

High school student smiling.

By James Larson Most people don’t get into their top schools. Some may attend safety schools, or even be rejected by those. This is not only perfectly normal, but amazing — and exciting, too. Last...


AP v. IB courses: A guide

Illustration of an AP character facing off against an IB character.

By Hojoon Sung One question you may face as you enter high school is whether it’s better to take AP courses or enroll in an IB program. AP, or Advanced Placement, is similar in concept...


Standing up for yourself: The importance of self-advocacy

Student standing on a college campus

By Summer Pease One thing I wish I learned earlier in life was advocating for myself. To give some context, I just moved across the country from Washington state to go to college at NC...


My First Argument

By Hojoon Sung The first argument I had with my mother took place at what would become my favorite cafe in the city. There, sitting by the window with the sun streaming in, my laptop’s...


Ways to Gain Skills Through Opportunities in High School

Students at robotics competition.

Ready WA Storyteller Helîn updated this blog post, which initially featured national and international opportunities, with a whole new section about opportunities in Washington! We've added the new section about Washington up top, for easy...


Tool: Family Conversations about the Future

Father and son doing homework together.

This tool provides guidance for families to have conversations about students' plans after high school. It was co-created with a small group of parents and students representing various ethnicities and languages. The tool is available...