A Year in Review

Congratulations to Washington students and teachers for completing another school year! And special congratulations to the Class of 2018! Whether you are graduating from high school or a postsecondary institution or program, you should be incredibly proud...


Why Standards and Assessments Matter for our Students

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Today’s students are graduating into an exciting and demanding job market. Washington state is expected to have more than 700,000 job openings in the next five years—good news for high school students. A majority of...


Classroom Snapshot: How is Reading a Novel like being a Detective?

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Denisha Saucedo's sixth graders can tell you. Denisha Saucedo’s sixth grade classroom might have been confused for a detectives’ office on a recent spring afternoon. In small groups, students dissected the facts of a mystery...


Parents and Educators in Bothell Prove the Power of Partnership

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The library at Northshore Middle School in Bothell hummed with conversation and laughter on a recent spring evening as parents and teachers gathered to reflect and share about their experiences as part of a four-month...


Science Education in WA: Learning with ‘Hands and Minds’

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Walk into a science classroom at Cedarcrest Middle School in Marysville, and you will see hands-on, minds-on learning. Exploring concepts such as gravity, light, and energy happens with investigative projects where students ask questions, experiment,...


GUEST POST: Puzzling, Questioning, Wondering, Cooperating, Problem Solving

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By Josh Simondet, 8th grade science teacher at Morris E. Ford Middle School in Tacoma Science is not done in a straight line. Regardless of traditional lessons on the scientific method, rarely are questions about our...