A conversation with students at Options HS in Bellingham

School - Secondary school

Fog, snow, rain, and partial sunshine all made an appearance in Joe Wooding’s AVID classroom at Options High School in Bellingham on a recent December afternoon. Students used weather patterns to describe their mental state...


Running Start vs. Advanced Placement (AP): Making the Right Decision for You

Advanced Placement - School

By Summer Pease Making the decision between Running Start or taking AP classes is definitely a big one. There are a lot of things to consider, not only academics but how it will affect you...


Mead HS students launch into post-high school education with math support through Bridge to College

Mead High School - Spokane

Several years ago, Coretta Hoffman, assistant principal at Mead High School and a former math teacher, found herself searching for a way to support students who struggled with math to get the skills and confidence...


Clearer pathways to post-HS education in Pasco

Graphic design - Product

The journey from high school to the first day of college requires many steps. From college and financial aid application forms, to selecting courses and navigating a new campus, the changes can be daunting. In...


Financial Aid: The latest resources and information for people supporting students

Organism - Line

The financial aid application window opens Oct. 1. What does that mean? Why is it important for students to complete financial aid applications? And where can they get help if they need it? Washington state...