VIDEO: High School and Beyond Plan (Teachers)

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"I’m a teacher. What is my role with the High School and Beyond Plan?" All school staff can play a role in supporting students on their education-to-career path. Ask your students what they like to...


How Spokane Public Schools is Getting Creative about Pathway Planning for Students

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One click. Ten questions. Submit. That’s the start of the High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) process for students in Spokane Public Schools. The HSBP is a graduation requirement and a process that supports students...


Resource for Counselors: Talk with Your Students About Their Futures!

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School counselors, we know there is never enough time in the day to meet with students, talk with parents, provide lessons to build social and emotional health, and the many other responsibilities that are part...


Classroom Snapshot: Hidden River Middle School Shifts Culture to Improve Every Student’s Success

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When Brett Wille began as the principal at Hidden River Middle School in Monroe five years ago, he and his staff set out to create a culture shift. He saw an opportunity to improve the...


High School and Beyond Plan: 101

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Who am I? What can I become? How will I become that? These are questions many of us ask throughout our lives — starting at an early age and, often, continuing through adulthood. Here at Ready Washington,...