A day in my life: Running Start

The Great Wave off Kanagawa - Poster

Aleena is a senior at Rochester High School and an aspiring doctor. She is earning college credit through Running Start and shares lots of insights about this experience in her new video. See a day...


Student Videos: Celebrating students at Madrona Elementary

Library and information science - Public Library

Students work hard every day to learn new skills. To celebrate the day-to-day wins and growth that students experience on their education journey, we visited Madrona Elementary School in Highline Public Schools in spring 2022...


Student Voices: Career Aspirations and Advice

Robert Hand - Student

Washington Teacher of the Year for 2019 Robert Hand focuses on getting to know his students individually and supporting them to find and prepare for a path after high school that fits their interests and...


Manson Strong: Students Dream Big

Hair - Smile

Agriculture, aviation, business, criminal investigation, nursing. This list of the many career paths that Manson High School students are pursuing through an initiative called Manson Strong could go on, and on. What are you goals...


College is an Opportunity

Glasses - Design

The word “college” means different things to different people. For some, college means a 4-year experience at a large university. For others, it means pursuit of an associate’s degree or a credential earned through community...


#BridgeToCollege Courses

Mariner High School - Education

Confidence, team work, critical thinking. A group of seniors at Mariner High School in Everett say that a particular class they took this year helped them build these skills and get ready for college. The...