Manson Strong: Students Dream Big

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Agriculture, aviation, business, criminal investigation, nursing. This list of the many career paths that Manson High School students are pursuing through an initiative called Manson Strong could go on, and on. What are you goals...


Las Voces De Los Padres: Apoyando a Nuestros Estudiantes

Los padres tienen altas expectativas para que sus hijos puedan estar preparados para graduarse y continuar con una carrera profesional. ¿Por qué es importante para ti que tus hijos reciban una educación de alta calidad?...


Parent Voices: “Education Opens Doors”

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Why do education and high expectations matter to Washington parents? “Freedom of education opens doors in the future,” said Brandon, a Kent School District parent. “Education and lifelong learning are going to get you where...


College is an Opportunity

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The word “college” means different things to different people. For some, college means a 4-year experience at a large university. For others, it means pursuit of an associate’s degree or a credential earned through community...


Science Education in WA: Learning with ‘Hands and Minds’

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 Walk into a science classroom at Cedarcrest Middle School in Marysville, and you will see hands-on, minds-on learning. Exploring concepts such as gravity, light, and energy happens with investigative projects where students ask questions,...


Camille Jones: Do Something Hard, on Purpose, Every Single Day

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Washington state’s 2017 Teacher of the Year has the same advice for students as she does for teachers: “do something hard, on purpose, every single day." Camille Jones teaches kindergarten through third grade enrichment at...