Parent Voices: “Education Opens Doors”

for-parentsWhy do education and high expectations matter to Washington parents?

“Freedom of education opens doors in the future,” said Brandon, a Kent School District parent.

“Education and lifelong learning are going to get you where you really want to go,” said Christina, a North Thurston School District parent.

“It’s important to me that my kids get a quality education because it’s setting them up for success with the rest of their life,” said Julie, a parent in the Kent School District.

These are just a few of the reasons that parents shared for placing a high value on education for their students.

Brandon, Christina, and Julie are three of more than a dozen parents that Ready Washington interviewed for our new Parent Voices video series. We wanted to hear directly from parents about the importance of education and ways that they support their students in school. Raising up parents as partners in their kids’ education helps ensure that all students are prepared for the pathway of their choice after high school.

In three new videos, parents share their thoughts about why high expectations matter and how they support their students’ education experiences.

“I try to be involved at school — talking with other parents; asking teachers about homework or activities [my students] need to do; I sit with them…and review their homework,” said Nadia, an Everett School District parent. “Education is very important for my family.”

Hear more from parents in our new Parent Voices video series:



Many thanks to all of the parents we interviewed, and to the Highline School District and the Washington State Family and Community Engagement Trust for their partnership.