Get free money: know your financial aid applications

By James Larson

Graphic explaining financial aid application options.

Financial aid is an imperative part of higher education, but I think it remains one of the most overlooked and overhyped elements in the minds of high schoolers. Financial information is hard to access for some students; these and other barriers make filling out aid applications quite difficult.

This infographic is designed to melt away the fuzziness of bureaucracy and send the message directly: You can get free money. Here’s how.

In addition, despite their differences, I still get these applications mixed up. I hope this infographic can clarify each program’s characteristics to prevent other students from jumping through as many hoops as I did.

My principal sources were the official FAFSAWASFA, and CSS Profile websites, although this article was also very helpful.

You’ve got this!

James is a 2023-24 Ready Washington storyteller and a high school senior in Everett.