Medical Lake School District: Every Student, Every Day

Lake Washington High School - Medical Lake School district

Educators in Medical Lake School District have clear motto that focuses their work in helping their students reach high expectations. "Students need to be a part of their education. It's something done with them, not...


Leading the Way: Lincoln High and Nate Gibbs-Bowling

Training - Institution

It's been quite the school year for the students and staff of Lincoln High School in Tacoma. It all started in September 2015 when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the historic school as part of...


#BridgeToCollege Courses

Mariner High School - Education

Confidence, team work, critical thinking. A group of seniors at Mariner High School in Everett say that a particular class they took this year helped them build these skills and get ready for college. The...


Career Ready: Job Pathways at McKinstry

Wenatchee - Career

Students in Washington state have many career paths available to them after they graduate high school, and learning about potential jobs they might pursue is an important part of preparing for their futures. In the...


Lyon Terry: I Want My Kids to Have a Growth Mindset

citizenM - senior

Lyon Terry, a fourth-grade teacher at Lawton Elementary in Seattle, has a goal, not just for his students, but for all fourth graders in the state – which is certainly appropriate for the 2015 Washington...


Mandy Manning: Believe in Yourself

Mandy Manning - Teacher

Self-confidence is a powerful belief for all students, including those who are adjusting to life in a new country. Washington’s 2018 Teacher of the Year Mandy Manning has dedicated her life to helping her students...