VIDEO: High School and Beyond Plan (Teachers)

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"I’m a teacher. What is my role with the High School and Beyond Plan?" All school staff can play a role in supporting students on their education-to-career path. Ask your students what they like to...


Resource for Educators: High School and Beyond Plan

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Every student has big dreams, and every educator wants to see these dreams reached. That’s what we work toward every day. All educators have a role to play in preparing students for their education-to-career pathways....


Student Voices: Career Aspirations and Advice

Robert Hand - Student

Washington Teacher of the Year for 2019 Robert Hand focuses on getting to know his students individually and supporting them to find and prepare for a path after high school that fits their interests and...


Manson Strong: Students Dream Big

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Agriculture, aviation, business, criminal investigation, nursing. This list of the many career paths that Manson High School students are pursuing through an initiative called Manson Strong could go on, and on. What are you goals...


Classroom Snapshot: Elementary School Counselor Mary Mainio

Aberdeen School District - Mc Dermoth Elementary School

ABERDEEN – In one of McDermoth Elementary’s kindergarten classrooms on a recent Tuesday, students sat in a group on the floor discussing ways to play fairly, such as sharing, taking turns, and trading toys or...


High School and Beyond Plan Webpage

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With more than 740,000 job openings coming to our state over the next five years, students can choose from many different career options. How can students explore and plan an education-to-career pathway that’s right for...