Get free money: know your financial aid applications

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By James Larson Financial aid is an imperative part of higher education, but I think it remains one of the most overlooked and overhyped elements in the minds of high schoolers. Financial information is hard...


Tips for first-gen college students: exploring majors

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By Hannah Phanitchob As a first-generation college student, it can sometimes feel like you are miles behind your peers. Maybe some of your friends already know what they’re going to study and where they want...


Tool: Family Conversations about the Future

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This tool provides guidance for families to have conversations about students' plans after high school. It was co-created with a small group of parents and students representing various ethnicities and languages. Each stop in the...


College freshmen tips for high school seniors

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By Arianna Caiceros As an incoming first-year college student, I didn’t have anyone actively in college to rely on for advice or to soothe my worries. I felt like I was going to college blindfolded...


Tips I wish I would have heard my senior year

By Arianna Caiceros For me, senior year was as much fun as it was overwhelming with the certainty of high school ending and an unstructured future on the horizon. As a high school student, I...


College Application Spreadsheet from Summer

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Summer felt unprepared for the rigors of the college application process. In a blog for Ready WA, she writes, “I had no idea how time-consuming college applications are. Senior year is busy with wrapping up...