What are your education and career dreams, and how are you going to get there?

Ready Washington is launching a contest to IGNITE high school students’ thinking and conversations about their education and career goals. If you are a Washington public high school student (or if you know one), please keep reading!

Ready Washington believes every student in our state should graduate high school prepared for a successful future––on the education and career path they choose––and we offer tools and resources to support them on that path. The goal of this contest is to elevate students’ voices and motivate all students to think about their futures and consider the people and resources available to help.

The 2019 contest deadline was Friday, March 15th. The winners will be announced on this page no later than Friday, April 5. Thank you to all the Washington high school students who took the time to record and upload a video about their education and career dreams. We are proud to see so many students planning their path.

If you have any questions or feedback about the contest, please email info@readywa.org.

Past Student Winners

To see past winners of the Ready Washington student voices contests, visit readywa.org/optinwa.

Ready WA Resources

The High School and Beyond Plan can help students explore and plan an education-to-career pathway that’s right for them. Check out all our information and resources about the Plan at readywa.org/beyond.