“Ready for the Future” – Personalized Learning at Manson High School

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Agriculture, aviation, business, criminal investigation, nursing. This list of the many career paths that Manson High School students are pursuing through an initiative called Manson Strong could go on, and on.

Monse Villasénor, a Manson High School senior, is planning to study nursing. Through multiple internship and job shadow experiences, she has discovered and confirmed that it will be a strong career path for her.

“I’m graduating and I know what I want to do with my life. It makes me really proud of myself,” Villasénor said.

The Manson Strong effort started several years ago, as teachers and administrators came together to envision the skills and experiences they wanted students to have upon graduating high school. The result is a personalized pathway experience that encourages students to explore their interests through classes, internships, individualized study, community service, and more, as they prepare for education, training, and careers after high school.

“We wanted kids who were ready for the future. We wanted kids that were not just academically strong, but kids that had some 21st-century skills of creative problem solving, and communication,” said teacher Kamie Kronbauer, who helped launch the program.

Manson puts a strong emphasis on postsecondary education, such as a degree, apprenticeship, or certificate, that fits students’ “personal pathway in life,” said Manson Superintendent Matt Charlton. “It’s all centered around the students, their individual pursuits, their personalized learning.”

Learn more about Manson Strong – what it is and how it is supporting students’ success – in our series of short videos below: