Building an Inclusive School Community

Kindergarten - School

Amy Campbell, special education teacher and 2020 Washington Teacher of the Year, works with staff at Helen Baller Elementary to create an inclusive environment with support and high expectations for every student. Learn how these...


Camille Jones: Do Something Hard, on Purpose, Every Single Day

Teacher - Education

Washington state’s 2017 Teacher of the Year has the same advice for students as she does for teachers: “do something hard, on purpose, every single day." Camille Jones teaches kindergarten through third grade enrichment at...


Leading the Way: Lincoln High and Nate Gibbs-Bowling

Training - Institution

It's been quite the school year for the students and staff of Lincoln High School in Tacoma. It all started in September 2015 when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the historic school as part of...


Lyon Terry: I Want My Kids to Have a Growth Mindset

citizenM - senior

Lyon Terry, a fourth-grade teacher at Lawton Elementary in Seattle, has a goal, not just for his students, but for all fourth graders in the state – which is certainly appropriate for the 2015 Washington...


Mandy Manning: Believe in Yourself

Mandy Manning - Teacher

Self-confidence is a powerful belief for all students, including those who are adjusting to life in a new country. Washington’s 2018 Teacher of the Year Mandy Manning has dedicated her life to helping her students...