Basics About State Learning Standards and Assessments

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This recently updated fact sheet — available in English and Spanish — provides key information about Washington K-12 Learning Standards & Assessments, why they’re important, and how parents can support their students of all ages.


Help Your Child Plan Their Path

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Families have so many things to consider when it comes to education. This infographic can help you understand key checkpoints and milestones for your student as they progress through middle and high school. Use this...


How One Teacher and Her Colleagues Use SBA Scores

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By: Alisa Louie  This post was originally published on  We have all of our students’ scores back for the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) they took earlier this spring. In fact, we’ve had the scores...


Why Standards and Assessments Matter to our Students

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Today’s students are graduating into an exciting and demanding job market. Washington is home to a diverse economy with a broad range of industries, including agriculture, aerospace, health care, retail, technology, and more. Increasingly the...


Lyon Terry: I Want My Kids to Have a Growth Mindset

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Lyon Terry, a fourth-grade teacher at Lawton Elementary in Seattle, has a goal, not just for his students, but for all fourth graders in the state – which is certainly appropriate for the 2015 Washington...


Rainier View Elementary: Preparing Kids for the Future

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Rainier View Elementary in Seattle is one of the most diverse schools in Washington state. Led by Principal Anitra Pinchback-Jones, the school has excelled while embracing its college and career readiness mission. And Rainier View's...