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Talk with your students about their futures!

School counselors, we know there is never enough time in the day to meet with students, talk with parents, provide lessons to build social and emotional health, and the many other responsibilities that are part of your days to support students. This new resource – with a version available for both middle and high school counselors – is designed to support your conversations with students about their futures.

Career pathway planning is only a slice of what you talk with students about, and we want to make it a little easier with some question prompts and ideas for continued engagement with students around their interests and strengths. Plus, there are resources to find more information about college admissions, apprenticeship programs, the High School and Beyond Plan, and more.

Download the Middle School Counselors’ Resource here, and download the High School version by clicking the image below.

Image of the resource for high school counselors -- a photo of students and five key questions for counselors to ask students.