The High School and Beyond Plan is an ongoing process to support students in preparing for their futures.

Helping students with ‘what’s next’

Every student has big dreams, and every educator wants to see these dreams reached. That’s what we work toward every day. All educators have a role to play in preparing students for their education-to-career pathways.

The High School and Beyond Plan is a practical and valuable process that every Washington student uses to explore potential career interests, take relevant courses, and plan for postsecondary education or training. It also keeps students on track for graduation. The Plan is designed to be flexible so it can grow and change along with students as they move through middle and high school.

School districts choose how students experience the Plan and track their progress

High School and Beyond Plan Requirements

  • Start the Plan by 8th grade (include advanced coursework if students meet or exceed state standards in English and/or math)
  • Identify possible career goals based on their interests
  • Identify educational goals
  • Create a high school course plan that aligns to students’ interests and meets graduation requirements
  • Receive information about financial aid, including the FAFSA/WASFA
  • Create an activity log or resume to use in applications

Students’ Plans can be a useful starting point for deeper conversations about their goals and aspirations.

How can teachers support students?

  • Talk with students about their goals and interests
  • Use lessons to connect students to related career ideas
  • Direct students to talk with school counselors and career specialists for more information about course planning and post-high school education opportunities
  • Encourage students to explore their interests and strengths by…
    • taking relevant classes
    • pursuing student leadership
    • exploring community service opportunities
    • participating in job shadows and internships
  • Know your district’s requirements for the High School and Beyond Plan process and the role you play in supporting students. Talk with your school counselors and career specialists for more information.